Benefits of Ecopure

Environmental. Economical. Ethical

Our aim

A more sustainable approach to drinking water.

With growing environmental concerns over the manufacture, transportation, storage and disposal of plastic bottled water and its packaging, many businesses are looking for alternative solutions to meet their sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.

Environmental benefits

By installing an EcoPure Waters’ bottling system and using reusable glass bottles, you can eliminate the need to buy-in environmentally damaging bottled water in single-use plastic bottles.

Helping us to save over 15 million plastic bottles each year. Doing our bit to help save marine and environmental ecosystems.

In sustainability terms, this brings you a number of benefits. Reusable glass bottles eliminate the need to manufacture a new bottle each time; they have a lower carbon footprint over their lifetime; they remove the need for waste and recycling; they have zero landfill potential; and they reduce food miles.

Economical Benefits

Economically, the good news is that many businesses are finding that rather than costing more to take this ‘greener’ option, it’s actually costing them much less per litre than bought-in bottled water bottle’ scheme.

Operational Benefits

Operationally, these bottles are great news too. Because bottles are only filled as they are needed, there’s no need to store and refrigerate a large stock of bottled water. There is also no need to remember to order bottled water, no stock control issues and no danger of ever running out!

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