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Helping the Environment

for over 20 years

Thanks to our eco-friendly system, we've saved thousands of bottles of water - saving our clients money, while helping to make the planet and its oceans a cleaner, safer and more sustainable place to live.

We've saved


bottles in the last year

Our Story

Helping clients save money & reduce environmental impact

Jack Shirley-Beavan set up Ecopure Waters International in May 2010. This company is the overseas distributor of Ecopure Waters Ltd, which Jack was the Managing Director of from the early days in 1992 through to late 1999. The export side of Ecopure Waters Ltd started in 1998, with a system installed in Mauritius. The GM from Mauritius moved to The Seychelles and ordered the system there and then the Chief Engineer from Seychelles moved to The Maldives and ordered the system in 2002. From this small beginning, we now have over 100 resorts in The Maldives using our system, all from word of mouth. From this base we have branched out throughout the world with systems with virtually all the major hotel groups.
We are always improving the package we offer. In 2007 we introduced our bottles washers that sterilise the bottles inside and outside at 85°C. More recently, we can provide RO systems and semi-automatic bottle fillers in the package.
Ecopure Water International has the scientific and engineering backing and the bottle printing expertise of Water Ecopure Waters Ltd. In the front line, we have distributors like Rob Boreham in The Philippines.

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