Bottle Washers

Get the best from your bottles by sterilising them in one of our recommend bottle washers.

An introduction to our bottle washers to help your bottles live a longer life.

The Aquatech Bottle Washer

  • 30 mixed bottles washed per cycle
  • Cycle about 6 minutes
  • Capacity 300 bottles per hour
  • Recommended for hotels over 100 Keys
  • Requires hot water supply at 60 to 65˚C
  • Single phase 240V supply required, with 35 amp

This washer is manufactured in Canada, specifically for the wine industry. The great benefit of this machine is that it can wash 30 bottles in 6 minutes. We recommend this washer to our larger hotels and resorts.


The Miele Bottle Washer

  • 30 bottles washed per cycle
  • Capacity 120 bottles washed per hour
  • Cycle about 14 minutes
  • 85˚c Temperature confirmation(for sterilisation)
  • Spray nozzle inside bottle
  • 3 phase Electric supply
  • 3 N AC 400 V 50 Hz (60Hz Option)
  • Load9.2KW, 3 x 16amp fuses

This washer is designed for Laboratory sterilisation of test tubes and the like. Designed with specific programs to shoot water into the bottle during washing to ensure the best wash. This machine is fully automatic and tends to be used in our smaller hotels and resorts.

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