Tamper Proofing & Sealed Bottles

For the Flip Top Bottles

With the swing top bottles there is no need for tamper proofing, the company policy is to discourage it as we are trying not to create any waste. About 90% of our customers do not use seals. Of the remaining 10%, half stop using the seals after the first delivery. Having said this, we understand why it is felt important. Therefore. this fact sheet gives details of the three options for bottle sealing.

The Watch Strap Seals

These tamper-proof seals are made from a natural substance “Cellulose”, they leave no glue residue on the bottle and when finished with they dissolve in water. You can soak the bottles in the sink before washing the dissolve the tags. Special attention should be given to the washer filters when using these tags.

These tags have a limited life of a year, but in the tropics, we work on 6 months due to possible humidity. They should be stored in sealed Tupperware boxes.

The tag basic design is called: “Half Watch Strap”. The watch face can have our own logo printed on it and the “Watch Strap” is perforated, so that it breaks when the swing top is opened. They can be printed in one colour print.

Options of printed on the “Watch Strap” range from Still, Sealed or With Complements, to name a few. Also, you can have space the write the “bottled on” date.


The Flash Tag Seal

This small flash tag is wrapped around the metal of the swing top with no glue touching the swing top. The tag breaks when the bottle is opened. Normally this tag is used in different colours to notify day or week of filling.

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